Thigh Strain Exercises

The following thigh strain exercises form part of our thigh strain rehab program. Created by elite sports physiotherapist, Paul Tanner and they include stretching, strengthening, functional, and running exercises.

Stretching exercises

Glute stretch

On your back cross your right ankle over the left knee, grip the thigh of your left leg and pull the knee towards you, lifting your foot off the floor. Pull the knee further towards you to increase the stretch.

Hip flexor

Kneel with one knee on the floor and the other foot in front with the knee bent. Push your hips forward and keep the back upright.

Calf Stretch

Calf stretches should be done with your leg straight to stretch the larger gastrocnemius muscle and bent to target the deeper soleus muscle.

Strengthening exercises

Ice skaters

Place a resistance band around your knees to increase the load on your lateral hip muscles.

Bodyweight squat

The glute band squat exercise is a squat with a resistance band placed around the knee. The band helps work the muscles on the outside of the hip more.

Reverse Nordic

Lean backwards as far as you can, then push your legs/shins into the ground to return to starting position and repeat.

Functional exercises

Clam in flexion with band

Lie on your side with your knees bent and slightly forward so your hips are in flexion. Raise your knee up in a slow, controlled movement and return to the start position.

High knee march

Perform marching drill sideways, aiming to be on your toes with high knees.

Forward T

Stand on one leg with your knee slightly bent. Lean forwards, open up your arms pulling the non-supporting leg backwards to make the shape of a ‘T’. Maintain balance and repeat.

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