Calf Strain Rehabilitation

What is a calf Strain?

A Calf strain is simply a tear of one of the muscles which make up the calf muscle group at the back of the lower leg.

The calf muscle group consists of the Gastrocnemius and Soleus muscles. The gastrocnemius is the big muscle at the back of the lower leg. The soleus is the smaller of the two and is located lower down and lies underneath the gastrocnemius.

Who is this program suitable for?

This program is appropriate for grade I or II calf strains. Ideal for both beginner and elite-level athletes.

How does it work?

The program consists of 4 phases. You progress through the phases, only moving on to the next phase when you have reached specific exit criteria.

Phil introduces each phase and guides you through the program via a series of videos. The app tells you exactly what to do each day (Today’s tasks) and records your progress to be reviewed later by yourself, or your coach/physio. We don’t just aim to heal your injury with this program but enable you to come back even stronger than before.

Program structure

Phil’s Calf strain rehabilitation program comprises the following:

Phase 1

The aim of phase 1 is to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling as well as protect the tissue from re-injury and delaying recovery.

Phase 2

The aim of phase 2 is to safely get to a stage where your muscle is strong enough to do functional loading, without the risk of re-injury. This not only includes progressive loading of the calf but also the restoration of function in the ankle, knee, and hip. This is achieved in a safe and predictable environment to allow you to progress to more dynamic loading in phase 3.

Phase 3

The aim of phase 3 is to strengthen your calf muscles sufficiently to safely progress through dynamic and more explosive exercises.

Phase 4

phase 4 is the end stage where we focus even more on sports-specific type exercises with higher, more unpredictable loads.

What is included?

The program includes the following elements:

Treatment & Healing

This covers how and when to apply treatment such as cold therapy & compression, heat, massage, and taping.


Over 60 different exercises with video demonstrations covering mobility & stretching, activation, strengthening, motion control/proprioception, and functional or activity-specific exercises and running progressions.

Priority support

If you have any questions about the program or your progress then use in-app support to get in touch with our qualified sports therapist for advice.

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