How much does it cost to subscribe?

Download the app and register for free. In app purchases apply for phases 2 onwards on all programs.

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Download the app or register online and start your injury rehab journey now. Phase 1 of all programs is free and covers immediate first aid as well as how to get started, even if your injury occured some time ago.


Subscripe for full access to all programs and features. In addition, in-app support gives you access to a qualified sports therapist or physiotherapist if you have questions about your program.


Designed for Team Physiotherapists, Trainers, Coaches or any sports medicine professional. Invite up to 10 additional users to register from your team or clinic at no additional cost. Monitor how they are progressing from your mobile phone as they complete their daily tasks.

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How do I subscribe?

  • Download the app to get started.
  • Phase 1 of all programs is free.
  • When you wish to move to Phase 2 you will be prompted to choose your subscription type & duration.

If you have any questions or problems please contact us.

Download now and start phase 1 FREE!