Shin Splints Exercises

The following Shin Splints exercises form part of our step-by-step rehabilitation program. Created by elite-level sports physiotherapist, Paul Tanner. Stretching is an important part of treatment, in particular, stretching the calf muscles at the back of the lower leg.

This will also help prevent your injury from recurring once training begins again. Along with these exercises for shin splints, Paul’s rehabilitation program includes targeted strengthening techniques to further support recovery.

Stretching exercises

Calf stretch straight & bent knee

Calf stretches should be done with your leg straight to stretch the larger gastrocnemius muscle and bent to target the deeper soleus muscle.

Stand with the leg to be stretched at the back and hands on a wall at shoulder height. Bend the front knee and lean forward, keeping the back knee straight and pushing the heel down into the floor.

Foam roller exercise

Use if massage is not available. Especially important for the calf muscles. Only apply enough pressure to make the tissue feel ‘softer’ or ‘looser’ as too much pressure will irritate tissue, so monitor the effect of what you do.

Strengthening exercises

Double leg bent knee calf raise

Use both legs bent at the knee, and raise up onto tiptoes then lower the heels. Progress from double leg heel raises to the single leg as pain allows.

Leap to stick: Linear

Jump from one leg, and land on the other leg maintaining balance and control.

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