Tennis Elbow Exercises

The following exercises form part of our Tennis elbow rehab program and include mobility, activation and strengthening exercises.

Mobility exercises

Begin mobility exercises as soon as pain allows.

Lateral extensor stretch

Place your arm in front with your hand pointing down, Keeping the arm straight, pull the hand towards your body to feel a stretch at the back of the wrist, forearm, and elbow. Your forearm can be rotated inwards to increase the stretch. This will be felt more on the outside of the elbow.

Activation exercises

These exercises improve posture which is important for shoulder rehabilitation.

Shoulder blade squeeze

While sitting with your elbows by your side, squeeze your shoulder blades together, and ensure you keep your elbows down

Posture per day

Sit up nice and tall, pull your shoulders back, and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Hold your head up and imagine tying a balloon to your head that lifts it up. Sit and maintain this position for the required time.

Strengthening exercises

Strengthening exercises begin in phase 2 of our Tennis elbow rehab program and increase the ability of your tendon to tolerate increased loading.

Isometric wrist extension

Position the arm with the forearm and palm facing downwards and supported if possible. Attempt to extend the wrist by lifting it back as if trying to point the fingers to the ceiling (There should not be any movement at the wrist joint). Keep the elbow flexed and maintain the contraction for the required time.

Long lever isometric wrist extension

Push the injured hand into the good hand to work the wrist extensors on the injured side, and hold for the required time.

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